Cobblestone accepted my story!

I heard from the publisher I submitted my story to—they wanted to contract it. I’m so excited. Like most authors, I accepted that writing is my passion, but it will never pay my bills. So I’m not expecting to get rich, but it’s always been my dream to be published. Covering my coffee this year would be an amazing perk, but getting my first book cover? Even better.

I’m super excited that it’s Cobblestone since I have several friends who publish there. Keira Marcos, Lexi Bane, Margaret Couplet, Ardith Bale… to name a few. They all like their publisher, so it was a gimme to submit to CP when I had my story finished.

There’s something about being accepted by a publisher that’s like a rite of passage or something. It doesn’t make me more or less of a writer than I was yesterday, but it does say that I’ve made it to a certain stage in the development of my craft. And that’s exciting.

So… YAY! I’m going to be a published author.

I’m already thinking ahead to the next story… time to make coffee and warm up the typewriter. (Truth, I don’t use a typewriter any more than I use a fountain pen. I’ve been pounding the computer keys since the beginning. But I think we all relate to the foundational tools regardless of whether we actually use them.)

I think I’ll use this image for my site background…


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